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Pradip Burman- Mobius Foundation

Mobius Foundation, established in 2015, is a non-profit organization working towards environmental sustainability. In a world struggling with scarcity, the foundation believes that environmental conservation is the key to a better future and a greener planet.

With the objective of creating awareness, Mobius Foundation is setting up a residential green school in Coorg, Karnataka and a Day School in Atrouli Village, Uttar Pradesh.

Mobius Foundation is founded by Mr. Pradip Burman. He is a member of Burman family, founder of Dabur. He is also the founder Chairman of Sanat Products Limited and Ayurvet Limited. After a career spanning decades, Mr. Burman devotes his time to the cause of environment sustainability.

Additionally, the foundation is proud to be associated with Universal Trustees Private Limited, a Professional Estate Planning, Trusteeship and Executor Services Company offering its services in India to resident and non-resident families, corporates and charities. The Universal Trustees Private Limited supports Mobius in its vision of environment sustainability.


A green and peaceful future where the people believe in the power of change.


To pave a green and sustainable path towards a bright future for our planet.

Projects under Mobius Foundation

Project Aakar

Aakar project is an initiative in line with the Government of India to promote population stabilization in the country. Piloting in UP, the project aims to educate people on the importance of reproductive health, family planning and increasing the uptake of contraceptives.

Gyan Anant School

Located in the village of Atrouli in U.P, the Gyan Anant School aims to empower and educate young minds while fostering their relationship with the environment. The school believes in experiential learning where students will be encouraged to take part in different activities. From organic farming to environmental monitoring, various activities will support the main curriculum.

World Environment School, Coorg

Spread over a hundred acres across the beautiful hills of Coorg, the school’s focus is to build strong environmental and moral values among its students. In this endeavor, the school follows the international Baccalaureate programme to turn its students into global citizens. The curriculum also mandates social responsibility, and made mandatory the recycling & re-use of biodegradable products.Pradip Burman

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