Mobius foundation is a non-profitable organization to be launched, committed to support sustainability with developing empowering technologies, strengthening systems, and encouraging healthy behaviors with focus on education directed towards achieving sustainability.
Mobius intends to create sustainable, culturally relevant solutions enabling communities to break longstanding practices that are detrimental to resources key for human existence on the planet.
Mobius as foundation has been working in India for over 2 years, collaborating with a diverse range of civil society partners & NGO partners to contribute to achieve the sustainable India.


Population explosion is the biggest threat to the growth of the nation today. Uttar Pradesh has 75 districts, the maximum among states, with a total fertility rate of over 2.1, while 11 of them have a rate of 4, accordingto datareleasedby the HealthMinistry.
Project is being designed to complement and support the government of India’s commitment to improving its interventions to focus on the roll out of new contraceptives, institutionalization services with focus on family planning.
It also prioritizes among the 11 districts that tops in total fertility rate those feature in latest report of Health Ministry presented to parliament March 2017
Special attention has been given to being synergistic with the national Policy on lowering fertility and slowing the population growth rate, the state level policies and programs, and district level plans and activities.


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